Guidance following the riots across London and other areas of England

Guidance following the riots across London and other areas of England photo

We hope that you have not suffered any damage as a result of recent events in the UK but if you have we are here to help. If you have been affected by the rioting and wish to make a claim please contact us immediately

It is a policy condition that claims arising from riots are notified to your Insurers within 7 days.

The reason for this tight deadline is that it then enables the Insurers to enforce their subrogation rights against the relevant police authority as laid down by the Riot (Damages) Act 1886. Currently, the government has not given any indication that there will be any relaxation of these reporting requirements.

Preventative measures

Given the nature of the recent incidents, it is difficult to provide prescriptive guidance on actions businesses can take to minimise risks, but here are some general considerations that may be helpful. If you would like individual recommendations, you should contact us directly.

  • The safety of your employees and customers must be your priority. Make sure that you have suitable emergency plans and that these cover periods when riots and civil disorder are possible so that you can avoid such persons being on the premises or travelling to or from them during periods of danger. Have a robust emergency contact procedure including home and mobile phone numbers for staff. Make sure that you have this information available at all times – it is no good just keeping it at the premises! Keep this information secure and remember your Data Protection obligations.
  • Keep up-to-date with developments – consider using the internet, text news alerts and police information, responding to advice from the authorities as appropriate.
  • If you do decide to temporarily close for business, try to give affected employees as much notice as possible so that they do not make unnecessary journeys putting themselves at risk. If you are sending staff home during a period of disorder, discuss with them what arrangements can be made to try to get them home safely.
  • If your buildings are already fitted with security grilles or shutters, make sure that these are in working order and put into place when closing and leaving the premises. If you do not have shutters to protect vulnerable glazing then consider temporary boarding. Don’t forget that this will need to be very firmly secured.
  • Remove valuable items from inside shop-front displays or which are close to ground floor windows. Put small high value items in your safe, if you have one. Consider what larger items may be safely removed during periods of unrest.
  • Make sure that you have two up-to-date copies of your computer data stored securely away from the premises
  • Review your Business Continuity Plan (Disaster Recover Plan).
  • Avoid leaving combustible or flammable items outside your premises. 

If you are unsure of the cover you have in place or wish to take out a policy please contact us and we will be happy to talk you through your policy options.